Holiday Boutique

Sanctuary’s 4th Annual Holiday Boutique

Dec. 5 2015 10am-3pm

Shop local, shop handmade

Jewelry, artwork, handmade quilts, and more! Local artists and vendors. Live music all day. Amazing gift options. Food and drink. Free parking

2250 Commerce Ave, Suite D
Concord, CA

Monthly OUT Prayer

Thursday, September 18th

1:30 pm

At 1753 Lacassie Avenue, Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church

Deacons’ Care Cottage, the little house on church property

next to the parking lot on Lacassie Avenue. 

The Care Cottage extends God’s love

in a tangible way by generously and graciously giving out

clothing and food that the members and friends of the church 

lovingly share with those in our local community

who are in need of care.

Dave Foster on Worship


If you break down the word “collaborate” into its three sections, co-labor-ate, it seems to have something to do with working together after eating.  If you’ll hang with me for a few paragraphs, I’ll tell you the story of the song “Abide in Me”.
I spent more than a decade working the morning shift at a grocery store read more on this blog here


thinking about re-thinking in this season

metanoiajn8Re-thinking or Repenting is a verb that comes from the NT word, “metanoia.” It literally means to “change-mind.” Repent literally means to change the way I i think, to think differently. As the woman who was dragged before Jesus having been “caught” in adultery, it is an opportunity to no longer think the same way, but to seize the opportunity to pursue a new way of thinking! The invitation from Jesus is to think now the way God thinks about life. Jesus says, “the kingdom is at hand.” Its like right now the ice is thin, so thin you can reach out your hand and find the hand of God your loving Heavenly Father reaching back offering a new way to live in this moment if I will simply chose to think differently than I have been. Transformed living, begins with “metanoia,” transformed thinking. Here is how Paul reminds us of Jesus’ invitation, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Paul goes on and adds the benefit, the out come of changed thinking as the ability to actually see and affirm actualized benefit in real life, “so that you may test and approve what the will of God is!” This season approaching Easter, we pause to think, to re-think about how we are living. The promise of Jesus is such that if we will we can reach out and actually live into the will and the way of our Good and Loving King! metanoiajn8

Job Opportunity and a Housing Need

Options for Women has an opportunity for a part-time Client Service Director. This position is approximately 25 hours per week, reporting directly to the Executive Director. The Client Service Director will be responsible for supervising and directing the volunteers at our Concord medical clinic as well as the mobile clinic. Responsibilities include but are not limited to recruiting, training, supervising, scheduling, and community outreach.

Please send resumes and cover letters to Attn: Blayne Wittig

Need #2:

Options for Women has a client in need of temporary housing and support in the Bay Area.  This client is making an adoption plan for her baby with a family in Southern California; baby is due around the end of July.  We are looking for a safe family willing to provide temporary housing during and following the adoption process.  The client is a young woman, drug and alcohol free, who deeply values the feeling of safety for herself and her baby.

For more information please contact Blayne at